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to 000webhost admin


I am chinese, and my english is poor. i hope that you can understand it.

i know your site from and i am so interested in your free hosting program. and because of the chinese government’s tight control over IDC in china my site was closed by them. so i found your offer and applied for.

i used wordpress before so i have output the datas and input it to this site. so it looks that i am making junks. i promiss you that i have never abused this great offer, and i will never do that.

then comes to my posts, the posts mainly about my daily life, and things i am interested in such as Internet, PC, and history. you can check this from my Categories:历史history (3) 学习study materials (21) 收藏collections (39) 日记my diaries(146) 杂笔some essays i write (18) 电脑about the PC (65) 网络about internet (47) So there is absolutly no abuse of the site.

As a chinese, i know that many chinese are applying your free programs that makes it hard for you to continue your site, but i really love it. Please remove the redirection. Thanks.

My site info:

I am looking forward to your reply.

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