A Life for Others Is a Life worthwhile

I learned a moving story in the Famous Americans in History. It is about a woman called Clara Barton, who spent her life caring for others.

She began a revolution that led to the right of women to do responsible work for society in 1912. She cared for thousands of wounded soldiers and it was she who began the American Red Cross.  For 25 years she continued as the president of it. Under her guidance the organization helped people in all kinds of trouble. She died after a life of service to others in April of 1912, but her work continues to be important to thousands of people in trouble.

It wasn’t the first time I read about such stories, but it was the time I had been moved the most, for this term I’ve met so many difficulties but with the help of others I finally overcame them.

At the beginning of the term I tried to change my major from Sociology, which I’ve already studied for one term,  to English. It was so difficult because I was alone in Guilin. I would have gone home if I didn’t met Mr Li, the cultural liaison teacher of the Law Major. He told me never miss a chance to learn in a university or betray my interest, and asked me one more try. Encouraged by his words I went on persuading the leaders and I maked it.

But more troubles were waiting for me when I was a student of English Translation Major. First I found I can’t afford that much tuition fees. But with the help of Miss Li I applied for loan from the government and it was solved.  Then many difficulties were caused by my  bashfulness and loneliness. To be the former only boy in my class, I can hardly get used to the new environment. The sensitive girls and teachers helped me much. They provided me more chances to speak and act in front of the class, though I was with great reluctance. However with time passing, I gradully changed my situation to some extent. I realy appreciate the people from whom I received help.

I think these help is indeed of great importance to us. Now, I feel much more comfortable and I’m going to spend more time and energy to care for others. Maybe I can’t do great things as Barton, but I will do small things with great love just as the people around me.

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