Peach Blossoming

Today, in my computer class, I saw some pictures of my high school on a webpage. In some these pictures, peach flowers have come out, red and pink, blossoming in the fog and drizzle.

I remembered that this period last year I was confined to my classroom and dormitory, never having a thought of watching those beautiful flowers when I passed by. So I decided to make up that lesson by having a close look at some peach flowers around Taoyuan canteen after class. Sadly, I saw no flower on the trees; only to find petals on the ground. I got it that the heavy rain yesterday night had taken them away.

Sitting silently in my dormitory, I saw the little JumpHigh, playing, and his sisters and brother who were reading in the open air in the morning. Then he picked a flower from a peach tree, asked for its name. They told him that it was a peach flower. Then he watched it carefully and repeated “peach flower”…

However, 3 of the 4 peach trees in my yard have been cut down because their wood cannot be used to build houses or farm tools and their fruits may bring on steal. A lucky tree survives because it was a small tree in thick woods which make it hard to be noticed. But, also for this, it is still small: it can’t get enough sunshine to grow normally or to yield many beautiful flowers. Last winter was a terrible one, I wonder whether its luck continues or not.

It seems that the beautiful peach blossoms only existed long ago or would exist in the future if I didn’t forget them. But now what am I doing? Am I missing another peach blossom?

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