From An English Teacher to an Internet Tycoon

This week I read the story about Ma Yu, who started off as an English teacher and now is China’s leading Internet tycoon. in a magazine . I was deeply impressed by it.

  First I learned that one should learn how to teach oneself. When Ma Yu was growing up in the 1970s, he thought himself English by giving tours of his own town-Hangzhou to American visitors. In this way his English was greatly improved and it gave him an opportunity to become an interpreter.

  Secondly we should be imaginative and sensitive to things around us so that we can take the right chance when it comes along. When he was an interpreter he used a computer for the first time. He typed beer into the Yahoo search engine, but he didn’t see any data about China’s beer. It inspired him to do Internet things when he came back to China. And from then on his Crop. dominates the online shopping industry in China.

  Third, never be content with the present state of affairs. No matter what achievement you have made, keep working as in the past. Ma Yu could have lived a wonderful life as an interpreter or the leader of China’s b2b market, but he never stopped. Recently his company has operated the Yahoo’s China operation and they are trying to make the yahoo search engine more interactive, more human and distinctive from Google and Baidu.

  I admire him much and hope that I could make such achievement in the near future.

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