simple minded's simple life

when I returned the school the first words I recived were:you become fatter".I could hardly believe it.I grasped a mirror and watched.I was true,absoluty.All those days I rarely ate rice and meat but rice noodles and instant noodles,then how could it happen?The only explanation I can persuade myself is that I am born for that lifestyle.

  Because of a long distance between my homeland and my campus and a short voacation I decided to stay here.There were so few students left in Yanshan campus that we were adked to move to Yucai campus.However,I had to stay in Yanshan for one more week:the students in Yucai couldn't go home untill 23th Feb.Seeing my classmates left me one after another,I felt a little lonely.The weather was bad,and it was hard for me to do any outdoor activities.I lay in bed every day,wondering whether could I find a job during such a short holiday,if not,how could me be a man (21 years old).I didn't read any books or do the homework.I don't  like it,and I just want to do some simple things.

  The week passed and I moved to Yucai.I was lucky to find a job as a shop assistant in a supermarket.Although the weather was extremely bad,I could make it to the supermarket.I remembered one day I didn't bring an urambrellar with me and when I returned from work it was raining heavy.The rain combined with strong wind shook icicles down from trees.I was totally wet from the head to the feet.I thought a serious cold would be unavoidable.That night I stayed up and waited it .It did,however not so serious.I could go to work the next day and my appetite wasn't affected:I ate 2 sacks of instant  nooldles as my breakfast,200g rice noodles as lunch and a packet of biscuits as the  dinner.I did not eat any rice because the rice was usually cold at the time when it  should be the hottest in the campus and most food resurants which were still opening only provided ricenoodles or something like that.

  I was free from books and my parents.The nasty weather couldn't  depress me.The a bit busy work didn't need much intelligence.Since the work took only 8 hours ,I had a lot spare time.I could do small things I like,try something I had never done before.I learned some computer skills in Internet Bars,wrote blogs in my own website,set up a BBS for the students of my county.

  Every night ,although the other 2 students of computer major in the dormitory stayed up playing games,watching movies,chatting,I could fall asleep peacefully with moving stories  of China Business Radio.

  I was quite used to this lifestyle.When the vocation was end I was a little reluctance to come back to Yanshan.I want to settle down there.I want to spare my time freely.I want to do simple things,I wish that I could eat Guilin ricenoodles in the future even if I would become fatter and fatter.

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